Discussion Papers

  • A Study of Law School Based Legal Services ClinicsA Study of Law School Based Legal Services ClinicsFeb 12, 2013
    Recognising the growing importance of young legal professionals in facilitating access to justice by marginalised communities, the study examines innovative approaches and provides recommendations on managing law school-based legal services clinics.

  • Addressing Urban Poverty: Relevance of Conditional Cash TransfersDec 10, 2009
    This paper from a two-day conference in New Delhi explores the relevance of CCTs in addressing entrenched issues of urban poverty even as across Asia there remain few social protection measures that provide safety nets in times of crisis.

  • Building PRI capacities for Disaster Preparedness and ManagementBuilding PRI capacities for Disaster Preparedness and ManagementDec 31, 2009
    The report captures the multiple dimensions of community-based disaster preparedness, and the roles and responsibilities of local self-government institutions in disaster management.

  • Compendium of Migration and HIV and Aids InterventionsCompendium of Migration and HIV and Aids InterventionsDec 31, 2009
    This publication by UNAIDS, UNDP and the International Organisation for Migration examines various dimensions related to migration and HIV and AIDS.

  • Empowering Lives Through Mahatma Gandhi NREGAJan 23, 2012
    Since the inception of MGNREGA in 2005, UNDP has supported the Government of India (GoI) to enable a transparent, accountable and efficient implementation of the Act through ICT innovations, monitoring and research, awareness generation and capacity development. This publication seeks to document the unique partnership between Governmentand UNDP.