Annual Reports

  • UNDP Annual Report 2011/2012: The Sustainable Future We WantUNDP has a presence on the ground in over 170 countries and territories and decades of concrete development experience in countries ranging from fragile States to middle-income countries like Brazil and Indonesia. This, combined with our four focus areas — poverty reduction and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); democratic governance; crisis prevention and recovery; and environment and sustainable development — make us uniquely situated and qualified to answer the UN’s call for a better and more sustainable future.

  • UNDP Annual Report 2013/2014: New Partnerships for DevelopmentThe 2013-2014 Annual Report highlights results from actions across core dimensions of development, from jobs and food security, to well-run elections, to crisis recovery, to the management of finite natural resources.

  • UNDP Annual Report 2013: Supporting Global ProgressThis report covers the UNDP's latest efforts to ensure a safer, more equitable and more sustainable future by engaging with supporting countries.

  • UNDP Annual Report 2014-2015: Time for Global ActionUNDP Annual Report 2014-2015: Time for Global ActionThe report highlights UNDP activities over the past year and its impact on people’s lives around the world

  • UNDP in India: Results from 2010UNDP in India: Results from 2010The UNDP India Annual Report for 2010 highlights results of UNDP’s partnership with the Government of India and other stakeholders across our five programme areas-poverty reduction, democratic governance, energy and environment, crisis prevention and recovery, and HIV and development.